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Best Trucks in SA 2022

Truck Test 2022 has rated the Mercedes-Benz Actros Actros 2652LS/33 R as the most productive truck in South Africa for 2022. MAN’s New Truck Generation was rated the most fuel-efficient and the tautliner interlinks on our highways are an impressive 12% more fuel efficient compared to what they were 10 years ago.


Truck Test is a proudly South African event that compares eight extra heavy trucks on the same route on the exact same day. This is done to create a fair test in all ways possible, including factors such as weather conditions and congestion, and allows for direct comparisons between the vehicles being tested. All tested vehicles were fitted with Ctrack, they all ran on Engen Dynamic Diesel 50ppm with Pro-Drive, all were hooked to Afrit trailers and they all carried the same load.


The flatdecks’ load consisted of 10 500 bricks made by Vibro, while the tautliners’ load consisted of 12 000 bricks. The main goal of the Truck Test 2022 was to assist transport operators in selecting the very best trucks for the job. It is said that South Africa is one of the most unusual markets as we have such a wide variety of brands from all over the world, therefore making this a very difficult decision for transport operators to choose the best truck.


The Truck Test provided these operators with accurate, scientific evidence to determine South Africa’s very best truck. All suppliers of extra-heavy trucks were invited to take part in this test, while each truck manufacturer was required to supply a fully loaded vehicle, as well as a driver and an accompanying observer. The role of the observer was to be placed in a rival vehicle.


The eight vehicles that participated in the Truck Test 2022 included:

S-Way AS440S47TZ/P ON

S-Way AT440S43TZ OFF

MAN TGS 26.480 6×4 BL SA

MAN TGS 27.480 6×4 BB SA

MAN TGX 26.510 6×4 BL SA

FAW JH6 28.500FT


Engen sponsored all the fuel needed for the test while Afrit kindly sponsored the trailers used. Ctrack provided the tracking devices and Vibro provided all of the trucks with loads.


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