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How to Save Fuel For Your Trucks: Part 2

It seems that the fuel price per litre is nearing the R25/L mark, which is very concerning for many South Africans. What is even more concerning is that predictions have been made that we could expect to see fuel prices soaring as high as R30/L.

It is no secret that a change in driver behaviour can efficiently save money and fuel. Another important factor to consider which will help to save fuel is technology, which can easily be used in addition to driver behaviour.

It is important to remain proactive when it comes to your fleet. You should fully understand how your fleet operates so that you know which fuel-saving strategies will work best for you. Regular and thorough maintenance when it comes to light motor vehicles will help to reduce fuel consumption. Tyre pressure also plays an important role when it comes to fuel, tyre pressure inflation systems or automatic inflation for trailer tyres are great ways to manage your fleet’s tyre pressure and to ensure that you are getting the most from your fuel tank.

Speed limiters are a great fuel-saving tool as they will take the control away from your drivers and encourage them to rather drive at slower, steadier speeds. Idling has the potential to significantly reduce fuel if done for long periods of time. To avoid this, turn off the engine especially if you are in the cab overnight. Take extra time to ensure that you have everything you need to be comfortable without needing to turn the engine on.

Did you know that tyres with less tread get 6% better fuel efficiency? It is important to always run the full life of your tyres before you replace them. Another factor to consider is aerodynamics. Wind resistance is responsible for up to 65% of overall fuel consumption, so adjusting the profile on your trucks can help to reduce this consumption a significant amount. There is even various technology available which can help you to achieve this.

Cruise control helps to prevent varying pedal pressure, and by doing so can save up to 5% in fuel savings. One of the challenges we are facing today is diesel theft. This has become a major issue in our country and so anti-siphoning technology will be a great asset to have for managing your fleet and securing your diesel.

South Africa may not have the best or the most advanced fuel-saving technologies readily available, so it is important to take measures which we do have access to, such as changing driver behaviours, and actively trying to reduce overall fuel consumption.

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