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Hydrogen Trucks, The future of green transport

Hydrogen trucks are on the rise. Their ability to match petrol and diesel trucks without the disadvantages of burning fossil fuels is the reason french company Lhyfe has become a leading pioneer when it comes to renewable green hydrogen trucks. They have developed a way of using wind power on an industrial level to create hydrogen fuel, becoming the first in the world to make use of this technology effectively for trucks.

How it works?

Hydrogen is an energy source that is very concentrated, can be easily transported and stored just as effectively as fuel. It takes just as long to fill a hydrogen tank, as it would a petrol tank, with the fuel economy range being just as long as conventional fuel. The real benefits show in how silent hydrogen vehicles are and the fact that the only emissions they give off is a few drops of pure water.

The problem with hydrogen.

Hydrogen in its natural state is invisible, has no smell and is lighter than air, but the real problem is that it is always attached to another molecule, so it must be separated first before it can be used. This leads to the 3 types of hydrogen, named by the way in which it was separated. Grey, Blue and Green.

Grey hydrogen makes up 95% of the hydrogen supply but its source is fossil fuels. Blue hydrogen makes use of the same supply of fossil fuels but has the technology to capture up to 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions at the end of the process.

The solution.

Green hydrogen is the key difference-maker. It makes use of a sustainable way of producing hydrogen with 0 carbon emissions released. Lhyfe has made use of an electrolyser to split water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen using the power generated by wind turbines. The hydrogen is then captured and stored for use and the oxygen is released into the atmosphere.

Hydrogen Trucks in South Africa?

There are currently no plans to start a facility here, but due to the potential for wind turbine plants, there is an interest in South Africa.



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