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Isuzu 2022 New Work Programme

Isuzu has achieved remarkable success, through their wide range of medium, heavy, and extra-heavy commercial vehicles. The new programme is attempting to save clients valuable time by providing trucks that are work-ready as soon as the payment is complete. This is done by a new system that matches Isuzu’s most popular trucks to the most popular truck body accessories, making them fully ready to start working.

“Our Ready to Work Programme is an innovative way of facilitating faster delivery of new trucks to customers. This is key in our fluid and rapidly changing market where operators have to respond quickly to meet market demand or service new business contracts,” says Craig Uren, vice president of sales, marketing at Isuzu Motors South Africa.

Isuzu’s new Ready to Work Programme allows truck buyers to personalize their trucks with 22 unique truck chassis and body combos. This way, the time, cost, and effort of customizing a truck is drastically reduced and the customer can get working much faster.

“Traditionally a customer can wait up to six weeks for a custom body to be built and fitted after they buy a truck,” explains Uren.

The popularity of Isuzu’s commercial vehicles is due to the durable, efficient design of Isuzu trucks that are built to meet our customer’s needs, across small, medium, and heavy trucks.

Some of the more popular combinations of truck chassis and body parts include water tankers, waste compactors, and hazardous chemical transporters

The goal at Isuzu is to bring peace of mind to our truck buyers and drivers, to help achieve this goal, Isuzu trucks have a 2-year unlimited Km warranty and a three-year/ unlimited km warranty that includes anti-corrosion, cab only. Isuzu has also given their customers the choice to increase their warranty to a 5-year Variable Warranty Plan.

Isuzu is ready for the demands of 2022, make sure you are just as prepared.



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