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Izuzu Motors South Africa Introduces Euro 5 Technology

With the world’s vehicle population currently sitting at 1.4 billion, exhaust emissions are continuously being emitted into the air and clouding the atmosphere. South Africa makes up a total of 0.79% of the world’s total road vehicles.

In 2008, it was made compulsory for all vehicles sold in South Africa to comply with Euro 2. Today, Izuzu Motors South Africa has introduced Euro 5 technology for the New Generation (NG) N and F series range of trucks.

Not many people know the difference between greenhouse gases and European emission standards; Euro emission standards impact the quality of air, while greenhouse gases impact the climate. Euro emissions standards are now aiming to significantly reduce harmful exhaust emissions as far as possible, namely Nitrous Oxide, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons.

The emission standards which are set for all trucks and buses are based on engine energy output in g/kWh. The success of Euro standards is directly linked to the quality of diesel fuel, namely the sulphur content ratio, as sulphur oxides can destroy filtration equipment. New regulations will now limit sulphur in diesel to 10ppm. The introduction of Euro 5 standards by Izuzu Trucks has come at the perfect time.

Isuzu Euro 5 engines on initially selected models are available with Variable Geometry Turbocharging as well as higher injection pressure (up to 2000bar). This results in a fast boost to increase torque and avoid a lag in the turbocharger. Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) has also been improved, with a laminate EGR cooler to allow for better control of Nitrous Oxide.

The Izuzu system does not require any additives, making this a huge advantage. While Isuzu Euro 5 technology can operate with 50ppm diesel, 10ppm diesel will ensure ultimate performance.

ESG is an acronym standing for Environmental, Social, and (Corporate) Governance – three categories of interest that ‘socially responsible investors’ take note of. These investors believe that placing more importance on their values and concerns (such as environmental concerns) in their selection of investments takes priority over potential profitability.



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