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Japanese Truck Parts Hino BOTY Awards

The winners of this years MSX NADA Business of the Year (BOTY) awards have been announced and it seems Hino has come out on top. Three Hino dealers have taken the top positions in the commercial vehicle category. Only dealers who exhibit the exceptional performance of managers and their teams receive this honour.

During the competition, the annual financial performance of over 1 500 dealers is measured by MSX International. This year’s awards were based on performance in last years pandemic affected 2020 sales year.

Hino | Japense Truck PartsNelius Cloete, Dealer Principal of runner-up Hino Buffalo. “We managed our stock carefully and drove expense control harder than ever.”

The winning dealerships comprised of Hino Algoa from PE, Hino Buffalo from East London and Hino Pietermaritzburg. Hino Algoa was one to celebrate this honour with great enthusiasm as it was the first time since its establishments 36 years ago that they have made it into the top three of this category. William Whitefield, Dealer Principal of Hino Japanese Truck Parts  Algoa has this to say “We didn’t develop a specific strategy to win this award but stuck to our regime of hard work and focussing on the customer at all times, we also made sure we looked after our staff during the COVID-19 pandemic and tried to have some fun while doing so.”

Hino | Japense Truck PartsHino Pietermaritzburg may have finished third in the 2021 BOTY contest but this is a team that was the category winner in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as well as being a finalist last year. This was a team that was also the runner-up for the Hino Dealer of the Year award last year.

“We hope to repeat this success achieved in 2020 with another category win in the current year’s competition. However, we are not planning to do anything special in terms of the way we do business. But we are also ready to adapt our business model if demanded by changing circumstances.”

The Dealer Principal of 2nd place winner Hino Japanese Truck Parts Buffalo says his dealership did not put a special strategy in place to score well in the competition, this was also the first time his dealership placed in the top three.

“We managed our stock carefully and drove expense control harder than ever,” says Cloete. “We made use of every available and relevant electronic marketing platform while focussing on maintaining regular contact with our customers, including sharing information with them electronically. These interventions, allied with selling a magnificent product and a lot of support from Hino South Africa, enabled us to grow our sales profitability.”

“We are not planning any changes to the way we do business to achieve similar success in BOTY this year as we already running a lean business while guarding against being too lean.  However, from the start of the year, we have employed another technician and sales executive intending to grow labour and vehicle sales. Each member of our team will continue to focus on managing their key performance areas while seeking new growth opportunities.”

Third place finisher Hino Japanese Truck Parts Pietermaritzburg has continued its strong run being a category winner in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as well as being a finalist last year. This particular dealership was also runner-up for the internal dealer of the year award 2020.

Hino | Japense Truck PartsThe Hino Buffalo dealer premises. This is the first time this dealership has made it into the top three of the MSX (previously Sewell’s) NADA Business of the Year (BOTY) awards

Dealer Principal of Hino Japanese Truck Parts Pietermaritzburg, Pretesh Singh says they also have no direct strategy to winning the BOTY awards but place value on results and keeping their team motivated.

“We were also continually active in satisfying the needs of those of our customers who were performing essential services in the hard lockdowns for COVID-19. We concentrate on ways in which we can make continuous improvements to the way we do business – a strategy known as Kaizen in Japan,” says Singh.

Well done to all of these dealers for their fantastic performance!



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