Scania Truck Parts

Scania Truck Parts are specially designed and developed for Scania Trucks vehicles and rigorously tested for their high quality. Our supply chain is supported by the wide range of parts that we offer, to provide a high percentage of availability at all times.


AfintaPart is very proud to have introduced our very own Private Label battery to the market, known as Vulcan.  The quality of Vulcan batteries rises to the demand of the highest standards in the industry. We offer a 25-month warranty on our batteries, which can also withstand high and low temperatures. Our batteries are designed for heavy urban driving and are sealed maintenance free. Therefore, no maintenance is required throughout their entire life cycle. The innovative technology used for Vulcan premium ranges ensures 30% longer life than standard batteries.

Exide batteries are also offered at AfintaPart, which is locally manufactured, passing the SANS 60095-1 Class B vibration test. They offer extreme vibration resistance which makes them capable of withstanding even the most demanding conditions. These batteries improve performance and safety; reduces maintenance and is very reliable.

Commercial Oils

We have introduced a range of lubricants through AfintaPart; which consists of brake fluids; engine oils; hydraulic oils; antifreeze; degreaser and a full range of additives that will add benefits to your vehicle.  These products are made with the highest specification raw materials available in the market and undergo numerous quality checks. These lubricants meet all international standards.

Suspension Components

The Group has a comprehensive selection of products to fulfill the demand. This extends to shocks, shackle pins and bushes, shackle brackets and hangers, U-bolts and center bolts, torque rod bushes and override rubbers. AfintaPart has invested in the inventory and resources, to provide the necessary high service levels required to be a leading supplier in this market sector. AfintaPart distributes all the leading brands demanded by this industry. With the lengthening age of the Vehicle Parc, the demand for replacement product is increasing and AfintaPart is well positioned to service this market segment.

Wheel & Brake Components

This division sources and stock top quality brands ranging from the hydraulic components to the discs and drums and loose braking components. AfintaPart is aware that when it comes to safety critical items; that only the best quality products will perform at the required level. With the ageing of the Vehicle Parc in the heavy truck sector, this division has further potential for accelerated growth. AfintaPart will continue to focus on service and the requirements necessary to serve this specialized market. The following products are available through this division: brake drums, brake pads, brake shoes, wheel brake cylinders and kits, brake calipers, brake fluid, brake springs, exhaust brakes, hand brake and cables, brake pedals and rubbers, master cylinders, master cylinders kits and brake boosters.

Truck & Trailer Accessories

Truck & trailer accessories are a fast-growing market which our customers could benefit from. We have sourced OEM specification and superior quality products which are manufactured using the latest technology and materials. Our products include warning triangles; mud guards; mud flaps; load straps; wheel chocks; reflective tape etc.