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Summer Truck Driving Myths

Now that the summer is well underway, you need to make changes to the way you drive your truck. You need to take the rising outdoor temperatures into consideration to ensure that your truck is running at full capacity.

You can find endless information online giving you tips to extend the life of your truck during the summer months and avoid wear and tear on your vehicle. However, not all of them are true.

You should turn on the heat in order to cool down your engine
This is true. When you turn on the heater in the truck, the extra heat will be transferred to the core of the heater and will help bring the temperature of the coolant down, but there will also be some aftereffects. The inside of your truck will warm up faster, meaning that if you continuously use your heater to cool the temperature of the coolant, there might be problems with the cooling system, or you might have overfilled your truck.

Medium trucks need thicker oil in summer
This too might be true, but it does not apply to all trucks. You should go through your owner manual so that you know the precise oil density that is recommended by the company. It’s best to avoid very thick oil for your truck as it might take much longer to flow inside your engine if it isn’t warm enough. Thin oil will produce lower friction and increase your fuel saving.

You should use water rather than coolant during summer
This is a myth. If you only use water during the summer months, your truck won’t have any anticorrosion or antiwear additives in the cooling system. This might become a problem for your cooling system, therefore it is always better to use a mixture of 50 percent coolant and 50 percent water.

You should put in fuel in the mornings
It’s a myth. Many people believe that buying fuel in the early mornings during summer is better as during that time the fuel will be cooler. They believe that as the day goes on, the gas warms up and you won’t get value for your hard-earned money. The fuel is stored in underground tanks that are not affected by the changing temperature outdoors and therefore remains the same temperature throughout the day.

All truck parts are the same, no matter where they are bought from
This is another myth. Not all truck parts are the same and you should be careful when purchasing from different stores. Purchasing from the company itself can be expensive as they continue to change their stock and you might not get what you need. But there are several online stores that sell high-quality truck parts at lower costs.

Make sure that you use the mentioned tips to keep your truck in tip-top condition during the summertime!

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