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The Fuso Canter was redesigned from the ground up to specifically focus on the needs of small to medium enterprises. It has a flexible chassis cab, which allows for various body types to fit comfortably to suit any job. The new Fuso Canter is rugged and reliable, but boasts a very comfortable ride with increased safety for medium-duty trucks.

Some of the new specification on the new Fuso Canter include:

Drivetrain, the Fuso Canter drivetrain has a capacity of 3 908cc, and producing 81kW/275Nm to 100kW/370Nm on the turbo intercooled version. This shows that the engine can perform well with its low-speed flexibility, steady acceleration and great fuel economy.

Chassis, the Fuso Canter has included a chassis that is usable for most applications. The design is tough but flexible, due to the hot-rolled pieces with riveted constructions, which makes the frame very light in weight. They have also included top-rails which make mounting easier.

Standard features on the new Fuso Canter include: self-adjusting brakes, reverse warning buzzer, non-asbestos brake linings, tachometer, spin-on type fuel filter, spin-on type engine oil filter, seatbelts, cigarette lighter, heater and defroster, ABS, standard toolset, hydraulic jack.

Gearshift: the new gearshift design makes reaching across the cab a lot easier for both drivers and passengers, due to the new short-throw shift technology and precise selector gate.

Safety: The new Fuso Canter safety features include, crash protection managed by our Realised Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) system, reinforced floors, foldable steering, impact-absorbing dashboards, ABS and non-asbestos brake linings are fitted as standard

Cab: The New Fuso Canter was designed for comfort, with wider doors, larger windscreen and functional mirror arms. Many other features have been included in the new design to make the drivers experience, extremely efficient and comfortable. It has also been marked as robust, yet stylish, with its halogen headlamps and clear-lens indicators.

If you find yourself getting the New Fuso Canter, make sure to visit us at AfintaPart for all your truck part needs!



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