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The Very First Natural Gas Truck Has Arrived in SA

South African motorists are struggling with the latest news shared by the Department of Natural Resources and Energy, regarding the fuel adjustments set for the month. Compared to previous prices, petrol has decreased 132 cents per litre while diesel decreased 88 cents per litre. Still, the worry of continuous fuel hikes and their unpredictability is affecting thousands of individuals and businesses.

BridCam Distributors, a fundamental player in transportation for Gauteng-based goods, believes that forward thinking removes the stress from fossil fuels. United with CNG Holdings and Scania, BridCam solely funded and brought the very first dedicated compressed fossil fuel (CNG) truck to our South African roads. This type of fossil fuel is advanced enough to meet the European gas standards, and has been accepted to be part of the stages relating to emission standards which aim to release more vehicles that are environmentally-friendly.

The Scania 6×4 Euro VI truck operates solely on compressed fossil fuel, another fuel available in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Kwazulu-Natal. As a third-world country, we tend to follow in the footsteps of first world countries. Natural gas is the present. This particular truck has proven that it is indeed more cost-effective compared to trucks using diesel. CNG is confirmed to be the broadest fuel alternative aiming to assist South Africa in driving a greener solution by making use of Euro VI engine tech which makes more economic sense, because it is less costly and cleaner in comparison.

BridCam uses the truck to support CNG holdings, their client, distributing fossil fuel via the gas network of Gauteng. Josua Le Roux CEO at CNG Holdings explains that the venture is convenient and logical. As a result, our carbon footprint is reduced by testing this in the supply network proving CNG is viable for commercial operation.

BridCam is happy to offer green, low-cost and stable transportation solutions to its clients. This is the first of its kind, and the truck is useful for the environment as well as reduces overhead costs. It stands as an achievement in breaking far away from carbon-based fuels in our automotive and transport industries. BridCam aims to continue pioneering workable, eco-friendly technology in Southern Africa.

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