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UD Euro 5 truck range

(Global launch of new Euro 5 | UD Trucks Global, 2021)

Introducing the new Euro 5, Quester and Croner trucks, with feature enhancements that boost profitability by doing more with less.

UD Trucks released the new Euro 5 range for the Quester and Croner trucks. The Quester forms part of the heavy-duty range where the Croner is part of the medium-duty range. The main improvements made include improved uptime, enhanced efficiency and optimized Total Cost of Ownership while the trucks environmental impact has been decreased. The Euro 5 range also has up to 43% less NOx gas emissions when compared to the previous Euro 4 range, as well as a much more friendly carbon footprint. The Euro 5 truck range also boasts new Selective Catalytic Reduction technology (SCR), being the first truck manufacturer to implement this technology, which drastically improves environmental protection and fuel economy.


(Global launch of new Euro 5 | UD Trucks Global, 2021)

The new Quester is a heavy-duty truck that boasts excellent fuel economy with added durability. This truck has evolved to become suitable for challenges current trucks face daily. Here are some of the new features on the Euro 5 Quester truck:

  • Smart: innovative UD Telematics – a high-tech wireless communications system –real-time vehicle tracking and geofencing.
  • Sustainable: Improved fuel efficiency. Combined with lighter tare weight and optimized driveline, fuel economy can improve by up to 10% when compared to the previous Quester model.
  • SafeQuester with ESCOT reduces the need to shift an average of 1,000-1,500 times a day by automatically choosing the correct gear.


(Global launch of new Euro 5 | UD Trucks Global, 2021)

The Croner is a reliable medium-duty truck that has been designed to make the most out of every situation. Some of its new features include:

  • Wide and customizable model Croner can be adjusted to suit specific uses and optimized for improved productivity.
  • Fuel economyCab redesign allows for a reduction in drag by 5% compared to the Euro 4 range.
  • Drivability – Allison automatic transmission and superior ergonomics gives improved comfort for the driver
  • More space, comfort, convenience

Until these awesome new trucks hit our shores in South Africa, be sure to keep your truck in tip-top shape with AfintaPart. We offer quality truck parts to help keep your truck on the road for longer.



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