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Why Hino Was One of The Best Truck Companies in 2021


Well done on another incredibly successful year from team Hino South Africa! Hino recorded almost perfect scores on their DATATrack comparative truck study ranking. They achieved 99.78% in their total score. This score is made up of Sales – 99.96%, Technical Service – 99.93% and Parts Supply – 99.45%.

This precise customer satisfaction survey of local truck owners and drivers has been done 4 times a year since 1989 and is regarded as one of the most trusted surveys monitoring the standards of service provided by local truck companies, distributors and dealers. In 2021, there are a total of 13 truck brands that are being measured in this survey.

Hino has managed to beat their own record with a combined score of 99.78% beating out their old record set in the second quarter of 2019 where they achieved 99.72%.

“We are particularly proud of the support provided to our customers by the countrywide dealer network and the team at our head office in Sandton in this quarter because the aftermath of the unrest in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng in July had placed an inordinate load on our dealers in the affected areas,” says Pieter Klerck, General Manager of Hino SA.

During this time, a lot of Hino trucks were damaged, which resulted in increased demands being put on our dealers to get the customers trucks back on the road safely. Special parts were even flown in to support the huge demands for truck parts and services.

The team at Hino created a designated team at head office to facilitate the parts supply from overseas as well as local suppliers when they noticed the extent of the damaged trucks needing parts. This decision was crucial in helping our customers and their appreciation was shown in the ratings Hino received.

“Importantly, our quick response was a further good example of the Hino Total Support strategy in action. This programme has been in use for several years now and involves building and maintaining strong bonds between Hino Japan, Hino South Africa, our dealers, service providers and customers,” Klerk noted.

For all your Hino and other truck needs, make sure to check out AfintaParts, where just like Hino, customers satisfaction is our main priority.



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